Do you have what it takes to be a Mustang?


Use the following steps to navigate yourself through the registration.

1. Create Account if you’re not registered. (If you are registered, Log in and
go to step #10)
2. It is important you fill in ALL fields correctly.
3. Write down your Sign-in and Password.
4. Once information is in, you will receive an email to confirm your
5. Read and Accept Waiver
6. Check the “I have read and agree to the waiver” box
7. Enter your password
8. Enter Initials of your first and last name
9. Click Accept button.
10. Click on Register Tab
11. Click on your name
12. Click on Camps
13. Click on green Register tab
14. Click on Select All tab
15. Click Checkout tab
16. Enter Payment info and click on Process Payment tab

Reminder: This is a TWO-DAY tryout. Write down dates and times
on your schedule.