Hoffman Estates, IL

A hard-fought battle saw the Chicago Mustangs win against the Muskegon
Risers at the Grand Sports Arena (Hoffman Estates, IL) in front of an
energetic crowd that never stop supporting the Mustangs with original chants
and the unique flavor injected by “Disturbio” – the official supporters
group -.

The Risers stroke first with a goal scored by Kody Harrell with 6:41 left on
the first quarter.  Two minutes after the Mustangs responded with a goal by
Alexis Camarena that seal a tie for the first period.
Both team open their lines and the second quarter ended with a Mustang lead
5-3 thanks to goals from Francisco González (2) – 13:31/3:10 -, Ephraim
Beard – 7:59 – and Pierre Ibarra – 4:22 -, the visitors’ goals came from
Cameron Brandow -4:50 – and Paris Martins – 2:41 -.

The third quarter was almost a copy of the first with both teams engaging in
an extremely physical game that only allowed for two goals, Francisco
González – 11:58 – assisted by Alexis Camarena and Paris Martins (Risers) –
5:16 – assisted by Patryk Biel.

The Risers jumped onto the fourth quarter with the intention of stealing the
game from the Mustangs  and came close as they were able to tie the game
with 7:46 on the clock thanks to goals by Nick Capisciolto – 12:49 -, Stu
Collings (2) – 9:16/7:46 -.

With the pressure mounting but inspired by the chants and cheers from coming
from the crowd, especially from the “Disturbio” group, the Mustangs put the
foot on the pedal and lead by an entertaining Alfonso “Negro” Sandoval’s
performance, retook the lead to never lose it again. Four straight goals by
Patricio Barroche (3) – 6:07/3:23/1:36 – and Erik Rodríguez -2:17 -, sealed
the game for the Mustangs.

The Mustangs will be back in action on Saturday February 3rd at the Grand
Sports Arena (Hoffman Estates, IL) with a 7:05 kickoff time. Tickets are
available now at the Grand Sports Arena front desk or calling (847)

The Chicago Mustangs are a proud member of the MASL 2 league, more
information can be obtain at www.chicagomustangspro.com or via email at